Ongoing short documentations of my day to day life. 
#10 Bungee watching at Battersea Park A random man bungeeing reminded me of dreams where you can't quite jump high enough.
#9 Filming people filming fire on Bonfire Night. First we sparked fires from a flint, and now we watch through the safety of our screens. Portable flames to watch later and share, light behind light to gather and stare. 
#8 Watching the drama of Wotsits on the escalator unfold at Oval Station
#7 Watching the world go by at a beach in Eastbourne
#6 Playing piano to a ladybird on my window
#5 The caravan during the summer of 2020
#4 My sibling's birthday, Camden
#3 The Aled Jones record: An Aled Jones record lay discarded outside a charity shop in Croydon. I was fascinated how his voice had travelled from being pressed into a vinyl to being stepped on by a bin.
#2 Lazarus is Dying / Dead: Lazarus was a Telescope Goldfish who died and was reborn several times. Here he is faking death yet again. Or is he?
#1 Above, The Vaulted Sky: Filming the gathering clouds as I lay in the garden, then playing piano over the top inspired by what I had seen. The poem is'I Am' by John Clare, which I was reading at the time. Voiced by Tom O'Bedlam.